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Last night, one of the public libraries in the area had a “lecture” by a woman psychic on the subject of Parapsychology, and I went. It was so bad that it was like watching an episode of “Tele-Psychic”! She immediately got my attention when she said that whenever spirits try to contact her, she tells them to go away because, according to her beliefs, talking with spirits and dead people is evil. I had to resist the urge to laugh out loud at THAT one!

Someone asked her what they could do to develop their own “ESP”, and you know what she told them??? “Pay attention”. Yeah, THAT was really helpful! (Insert sarcasm here.) Not a word about grounding, meditating, protection, etc. She was totally fishing for answers from people whose objects she “read”, mine included. I think some of my spirits may have been having some fun with her, because she kept coming out with names of MY “folks” while reading other people’s items, while the people being read had no clue about the names she was “reading” from their items. She said she’d been doing this for forty years. After the presentation, another woman and I were talking and we both agreed that she wasn’t doing so hot for someone who’s been doing this for forty years.

But, there was a reason I was there. Afterwards, I went and spoke to the library staff person responsible for scheduling presentations like this, and asked how they get their speakers. She was very nice, and I told her that I had been at James’ training and would be going for the advanced in October. She was interested, and said that all I needed to do was provide copies of my certificates/credentials, a proposal for the presentation, and then the library staff would review it, etc. So, now I know!

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