Glossary of Terms (or something like that)

Some of the terms listed below are generally-used ones related to the subject of this site. Others are my own invention. In order to avoid confusion, I’ve included them here.

Freaky – One of my favorite words to use when describing some of my experiences. When used here, it is not used in a negative way, and when I talk about experiences being “freaky”, it’s always meant in a good way.

Medium – Someone who communicates with, and receives messages from, those on “the other side”. This does not refer to my clothing size – not by a long shot!

The Other Side – As someone who shall remain nameless once put it – “Where the dead people go”. Some call it Heaven, some call it “the afterlife”. It’s the wonderful and beautiful place where the soul goes after the body has died.

Psychometry – holding an object in order to get psychic impressions concerning the article or its owner.