My Daily 9/11

This is an interesting thing that’s been happening to me pretty much ever since 9/11.

At least once a day, if not more often, I will get what I’ve come to refer to as “my daily 9/11”. Usually, the way it happens is that I’ll find myself randomly looking at some digital clock precisely at 9:11. I don’t plan it, it just happens. I can be totally engrossed in a DVD, movie, or TV show and somehow, I’ll just happen to glance at the clock on the cable box at 9:11. Or, I’ll be working on my computer, and glance at the clock in my tray at 9:11. The past few weeks, when I’ve gotten on the #6 train on my way home from my psychic development circle, the clock on the train says 9:11.

However, and moreso within the past few months, it’s happening with other things as well. The random BlogMad numbers on my surf bar will have 911, or 911 will be part of my current game score. Yesterday, it was part of my score on Super Collapse. This morning’s 911 was part of a random number on my BlogMad surf bar. I’m guessing that when I get on the #6 train tonight, the clock on the train will read 9:11.

It doesn’t bother me. In a strange way, I find it oddly comforting whenever it happens. Maybe I should start keeping a log of when and where it shows up each day.

3 thoughts on “My Daily 9/11

  1. Dito. Very weird. I even get text messages from people and when I look at what time they sent it, it is 9:11. What to make of this. Random, and I am seriously saying random, checks of the time reveals 9:11 in a very consistant manner.

  2. I never in my wildest thought I’d ever come upon another who has this 9-11 thing! Freaky. Yeah, I get it too — all the time. Although I’m working on not allowing it to, it does generally unnerve me, because I’ve come to see that more often than not, it’s sort of a “Tower” message for me. Like an “emergency” message, and for me that means a building up of energy in me that I’m not cognizant of — and as such, it will eventually “blow.” That is, it’s an advisement that I need to release some of the energy or my “explosion” will be an anxiety attack (which I have often). One, among many reasons, is because I tend to keep pushing myself without any “down time.”

    But I’ve also come to see other messages in it as well. Actually, it can be pretty much any of the meanings per the Tower card in the Tarot (a perfect depiction of what happened on 9-11). And that’s not always a negative. The Tower card can represent just a surprise, or a building up of sexual energy (phallic symbol)…or even just a clearing out or a need to clear out old stuff (might reference a garage sale)… It can also represent freedom and enlightenment. So I’m trying to not always allow these 9-11 messages to freak me out, but, at the same time, I’m trying to learn to take the message of possibly needing to release something (often anger) before it gets to the explosive point.

    Anyway, I’m glad there’s someone who can relate to this 🙂


  3. I have dealt with the exact same thing for the last 10-12 years. Every time I would glance at the clock on my pc,phone,tv,or cable box, the time 9:11 would show, and would seem to have some kind of significance. In about 1998, my stepfather was complaining about stomach pains, and Myself and my brothers where calling him a baby (my family rips eachother quite a bit) because we thought it was just a stomach ache. Later that night my mother took him to the hospital, and it turned out to be pretty serious infection, and if he waited another day, he would have died. I thought that the 9:11 significance was the emergency phone # 9-1-1. However, the same phenomenoen was still occurring. Even on Sept. 11, I did not put that number sequence together until a few days later when a news anchor referred to it as the 9/11 attack instead of sept. 11. I don’t know if there is a significance or coincidence. I am a total athiest, and I think that nostradamus was a phony. But I cannot ignore this.

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