Some interesting development circle stuff

Had some interesting stuff happen during Thursday night’s development circle. So, I figured I’d write about it here before I forget it all.

  • During our meditation, I experienced a warm, tingling sensation along the back of my neck. It was similar to the feeling you get when someone’s right behind you, but not quite the same. It later extended up through my scalp, and down through my spine. It wasn’t uncomfortable or anything, just something I’ve never felt during a meditation before.
  • After the meditation, we did a psychometry exercise. The images that came to me while holding my exercise partner’s ring were a brunette, clear blue water with tropical fish, and a grey beach house with small square white windows. I didn’t really look at the ring up close, but I also sensed that there was some sort of inscription inside the band. The ring’s owner had recently been to the Bahamas, and swam in bright, clear water for the first time. His wife’s hair is “dirty blonde” and his family has a grey beach house, and one of the rooms has small square windows.
  • During the psychometry exercise, I also started getting a really bad headache. Past experience during Mediumship training taught me to mention it and ask if it meant anything to anyone. One of the other group members had a really bad cluster headache. She’s also a brunette. Once I mentioned the headache and asked about it, it went away (for me, anyway).

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