Who is Arch Angel Micheal?

And why do I suddenly feel like I’m asking “Who is Keyser Soze?”

Now, lest you think I’m totally clueless, I know who the Archangel Michael is. However, I was reading other angel web sites online, and came across some articles by someone who claims to channel messages from Arch Angel Micheal. Forgive me, but seeing this just totally cracked me up!

The first image that came to my mind was an Angel flipping burgers at Mickey D’s. (Get it? Arch Angel? Golden Arches???) My second thought was that maybe Arch Angel Micheal is the sworn arch-enemy of the Archangel Michael – some sort of long-lost evil twin deprived of love, cheated out of his heavenly inheritance, or something like that.

Okay, maybe I’m being over-critical, but, if you’re claiming to channel messages from a Heavenly being, wouldn’t they spell their name right??? Unless, of course, they really are channeling some poor angel tasked with watching over the over 60 billion served, their eternity spent asking, “Would you like fries with that?”

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