Have it Your Way – a Burger King Experience

(Note – while this isn't graphic, it may not be for the squeamish.)

Last week I had some appointments in the area, and planned to make a stop at the Liberty Street Family Room, to drop off something I put together to be left in the room for family members. I finally made it down there around 3:30pm, and realized I hadn't eaten anything. Something/someone gave me the idea I needed to eat at the Burger King on the corner of Liberty and Church Streets.

This is something I thought I would never do again, considering that it had been used as a temporary morgue after 9/11. However, for whatever reason, I just felt this "calling" to eat there, for lack of a better term. Unlike previous times when I'd passed by Burger King, this time, something just felt "right" about going there, and I didn't feel at all squeamish about going in. I got my order, and went upstairs to the seating area and found myself a table.

Here's where it gets interesting…

As I was sitting there eating my lunch, and wondering if anyone else eating there would STILL be eating there if they knew it had been used as a morgue, I started getting very brief mental images, almost like flashes of what had taken place there. I got a flash of a man lying on a morgue table, and a few images of various body parts.

The interesting thing about all of the images was that they were all in black and white, and not in color like I usually get. I'm guessing that this was intentional on the part of whoever was showing me, in order to show me, but at the same time spare me from some more intensely disturbing imagery. I thanked them for doing it that way. Oddly enough, I wasn't afraid, but felt very okay and calm about it all, and about being there.

I found the whole experience very comforting and re-assuring in a strange way, despite the mental images.

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