A Very Cool Experience!

One of the people who "came through" for me during a partner exercise at the Mediumship training at Omega was my very dear friend Chris, who died quite a few years ago.

Well, the other night I was meditating with one of James Van Praagh's CDs, about messages from loved ones. Then, I got ready for bed. A few minutes before I totally conked out, I got this feeling that I needed to look in one of my old journals, which dates back to when I was in college, over 20 years ago. I've kept it all these years, but it's not a journal I'm fond of looking in, because it wasn't a great period in my life, and there are some experiences in there that I'd rather not re-read.

So, the following morning, before I went out, I dug out the journal, and found entries about going to see the Henri Rousseau exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art with Chris, and some other entries about the good times he and I had shared. I read about getting a postcard and birthday card from him while he was away in Spain, and about the laughs we had.

The best part though, was that I found a caricature that Chris had drawn of me 21 years ago, that I had totally forgotten about!

How cool is that??? It not only made my day, but probably my whole month, too!

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