This is just strange

So, last night we had our weekly Psychic Development Circle meeting. I walked out the door, and then decided that maybe I should go back and get my umbrella. To get into Manhattan from Queens, I need to take a local bus to the subway station, and then it’s about a 45-60 minute trip from there. Occasionally, when there happens to be either a “sick passenger”, a “train with mechanical difficulties ahead of us” or my personal favorite “signal problems”, it turns into a much longer trip.

Fortunately, that was not the case last night. However, halfway there, the sky turned ominously black, and those of us on the elevated train were treated to a free light show. We proceed into the underground tunnels, I get to my station, and I see a bunch of really soaking wet people waiting to get on the train. I’m fully expecting to get drenched once I exit the subway, but no… it’s just a light rain by that time. We all arrive and get settled in our meeting room and the sky just lets loose. I’ll admit it was kind of fun having a psychic development circle during a thunderstorm. The lightning and booming thunder really added to the ambience!

But, that’s not the strange part, nor is it the fact that I completely missed the really heavy rain by minutes all night last night. The strange part is what happened during our meditation. We were listening to one of James Van Praagh’s guided meditations about living in love. At one point in the meditation, you’re supposed to visualize a bright green light coming out of the heart centers of those who love you. For some reason, I started thinking of the scene in “Alien” where the alien bursts out of John Hurt. This was followed by a really vivid mental image of E.T. I found this pretty amazing, considering that I haven’t seen E.T. in well over ten years. Then, I start thinking of Neil Diamond’s “Heartlight” song right before the meditation mentions green heart light. (I told you it was strange.)

Even stranger still, when we were discussing the meditation afterwards, as it turns out, one of the other members of the group also saw E.T. in her meditation!

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