I’ve Found a Development Circle!

Basically, a development circle is a small group of people that meets weekly to, among other things, develop their psychic/mediumship abilities, meditate and hopefully communicate with spirit.

It was recommended at the training with James Van Praagh that we each find a development circle. Oddly enough, one found me on, of all places, craigslist. There’s just 4 of us, and so far, it’s pretty cool!

Basically, the plan is to have the sessions structured as follows:

  • Open with short non-denominational prayers
  • Spend about 15 minutes discussing anything that’s happened since the last session
  • 20-30 minutes doing a meditation
  • One or two psychic development exercises
  • Short discussion of what took place during the evening, and anything that came up during the meditation and exercises

I missed this past week due to the excessive heat, and really missed it. The only reason I didn’t go was because with the heatwave, I was really afraid of getting stuck in Manhattan with no way home during a blackout. Seems like it was a good idea to stay home, though, because there were reports of power outages in the area I would’ve been in.

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