How Cool is THIS???

About a month or so ago, I saw a job listed that I REALLY REALLY wanted, working for the Executive Director of a foundation dedicated to assisting elderly blues and jazz musicians, and musicians impacted by Katrina. I never heard back from them, and assumed the position had been filled.

Well, apparently, my resume must’ve ended up in some black hole in cyberspace. I saw the job listed again yesterday, with a different e-mail address listed.  Something (or more likely someONE) told me to re-send my resume and cover letter. Good thing I listened! Long story short, last night at around 10:30pm, I got an e-mail from the Executive Director, she loved my resume and we spoke early this morning. We had a great conversation! She’s trying out some people she’s already interviewed this week, and asked me to give her a call on Thursday morning to see how/if things are working out with the other candidates, and possibly come in to meet with her later this week.

Here’s the “eerie” stuff…

– Last Thursday night, I heard a really great blues musician in Grand Central Station, and again someone “up there” told me to buy his CD. For some reason, I got the hunch to mention it during our conversation this morning. Would you believe that not only was this same musician was the FIRST musician she had helped, but that she also used to play harmonica with him, and that her experiences with him eventually led her to a job with the organization she’s now leading?

– After receiving her e-mail last night, I turned on the TV, and what movie was playing? “All That Jazz”. Wait, it gets better… I happened to turn on the movie RIGHT at the point where my late friend Cliff Gorman was doing his “7 stages of Death” monologue in the background. This morning, after I got off the phone about the job, I was surfing blogs, and wouldn’t you know, one of the first random blogs that showed up was named after ANOTHER movie of Cliff’s – “Ghost Dog – The Way of the Samurai”.  Ya THINK he’s trying to TELL me something??? 🙂

I would totally appreciate any and all good energy, vibes, prayers, juju, mojo, chicken bones, etc. that you can send my way in terms of this job.

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