The past few weeks have issued in some major, and some not-so-major changes.

For starters, I now have a new job. This is good, because at least now I know that all my bills will get paid. It’s a nice job, too. I’m now working for a small natural vitamin and nutritional supplement company on the Upper West Side. So far, I’m really liking it, and the people are really nice. I still feel like the new kid on the block, but that’s to be expected.

Secondly, as an indirect result of my joining the ranks of the gainfully employed, I’m now minus a development circle. Long story short, the “group” decided that they couldn’t wait  until the dust settled on my new job for me to decide if I could still make Thursday nights. Even though they’re not meeting this week due to Thanksgiving. They decided that they needed to replace me with a “committed forth” (sic) who lives in the area. This was all conveyed to me not in person or via a phone call, but in an e-mail on Sunday night – three days after the group met and made their decison. I feel like I just got voted off “Survivor” or something – not a good feeling!

Lastly, I’ve created an online bookstore featuring all sorts of interesting stuff. Have a look and enjoy!

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