Donate Life

I saw this ad, featuring the late Jerry Orbach on the subway on the way home from work tonight. I went home, visited The Eye-Bank website, and registered with the New York State Donate Life Registry.

I continued surfing and found the national Donate Life website. This site has state-by-state info on organ donation, how you can register to be an organ donor, and information about the organ donation process.

To think of others in a time of grief and sorrow is truly compassionate and selfless. Please consider the gift of life: organ and tissue donation.

Thousands of Americans are in need of vital organ and tissues. For many, the chance to live a full life won’t come unless many more of us consider organ and tissue donation. Discuss organ donation with your family and friends. Help others find a chance to live a full life. Talk to your family about organ donation. Talk to your family about donating LIFE.

donate life

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