Five-dollar Fortunes: Be Aware

This past weekend, I was at a street fair. There was a table there set up for a $5 Tarot Card reading. Now, I do a little bit of card reading, although I use Doreen Virtue’s “Archangel Oracle” cards or Sonia Choquette’s “Ask Your Guides” cards. I make no claims on being an expert card reader. I’ve also offered e-mail card readings for a small fee on occasion. So my caution is not about card reading in and of itself.

If you want to have a $5.00 card reading at a street fair, and you realize that the person reading your cards may or may not be “legit” as far as being a gifted psychic, by all means, go right ahead and enjoy yourself. However, if you have a $5.00 card reading, and the person reading your cards tells you that there is some bad luck around you, or a curse, or that they can light candles to remove the negative energy around you – RUN! Do NOT give them any more of your hard-earned money. This is a SCAM. You do not need to pay someone to light a few dollar store candles and yell “BOOGA, BOOGA!!!” in the light of the next full moon for you. Really, you don’t.

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