Okay, So You’re Gifted. We Get It.

A bit of a rant, if you will…

Am I the only one who gets a bit tired reading endless pages of blatant self-promotion on the web sites of various psychics, mediums, healers, etc.? I just read one that claims to have the “Favor of God” and the “gift of Sight from Arch Angel Michael” (not to be confused with Arch Angel Micheal). Another page I recently read was for a “Gifted Visionary Medium”. Yet another was someone claiming to be a “world renowned multi-gifted psychic medium and channeler”. Still another lists himself as the “Top Expert Psychic in the field of hearing voices”. The list goes on, and the “stuff” keeps getting piled higher and deeper.


A little modesty wouldn’t hurt, folks. In fact, it might even help. Personally, the more a “gifted” person claims to be “gifted”, and the more they tell the world all about just how great, wonderful, “gifted” and special they are (as compared to the rest of us mere mortals), the further I run in the opposite direction. The more someone lays on the BS about how Archangel Michael is their third-cousin, twice-removed, or how they are directly descended from “a long line of gifted psychics and healers” who are in direct daily contact with their spirit guide, who just happens to be a High Priest in the temple of Ra, the more my eyes roll back into my head, and the more I want to vomit.

Is this what people look for in a medium/intuitive counselor/psychic??? To quote Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka: “Ewww!!!”

I don’t want to read all about how great and gifted someone thinks they are. I don’t care if you came upon your gift at the age of five, or discovered it at fifty-five. I don’t care if you have a bazillion letters after your name, wrote twenty-thousand eBooks, or are a certified bona-fide Master Afterlife coach. I don’t care if your spirit guide is a High Priest, or the guy who cleaned the chamber pots at the Coliseum. Show me instead someone whose web site or facebook page is full of loving words of wisdom, insightful responses to questions, Divine guidance and a bit of humor about it all, and I’m in!

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