How This Blog Got Its Start

I saw dead people…

And met some really incredible living ones, too! Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending a Mediumship Training seminar with James Van Praagh. This is a whole new adventure for me, and I’m really excited about it!

As for seeing dead people, it’s not quite like what you see on TV. It’s actually more like very clear mental images, sometimes voices, or sensing of people that you’ve never seen before in your life, describing them to the person you’re reading, and them knowing EXACTLY who/what it is that you’re talking about. It was really interesting, both reading others, and being read. Some people read some stuff on me that no one there would have known. Likewise, we were doing an exercise about sensing body energy, and something prompted me to ask my partner about her ankles. Turns out she had broken both of them in an accident.

In a word, it was AWESOME, and I am SO glad I went! It was exactly what I needed spiritually and networking-wise. I also made a new friend who is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! We couldn’t stop laughing! Here are some of the highlights, followed (hopefully) by a pic of me and JVP.

  • As some of you may know, I’ve had this sense of being connected to some 9/11 victims that I never knew in life. During an exercise where we were reading each other, my partner for the exercise saw what she described as a group of people unrelated to me, some in suits, trying to get through what appeared to be a “funnel” to get to me.
  • This same woman, during the same exercise, also saw and described my late uncle, down to his Marine uniform and handlebar mustache.
  • When I did a reading for her, I got a mental image of a rose, and then started getting a really bad headache. Turns out her friend loved roses, had a cottage that she named Rose Cottage, and (this is the freaky part), she died of a head injury sustained in a horse riding accident. Interestingly enough, the headache went away within a few minutes of the reading.
  • I had brought a copy of my “spooky” Ground Zero photo with me. Saturday afternoon, something prompted me to show to James, and when I did, he was very interested in it, and asked if I had a copy that he could give him to put on his website. I told him that he could have the one I had with me, and that I’d write down the info about the picture, and give it to him before I left. When I gave it to him yesterday morning, he thanked me for it, and put it right in his briefcase. I wasn’t really expecting him to have quite that much interest in the picture, so that completely floored me in a really good way.
  • Some silly stuff happened during the weekend. During one exercise where we were holding an object of our partner’s, I got this image of a smiling, happy woman who loved to sing and… green OLIVES??? My partner and I both cracked up because neither of us knew what the deal was with the olives. (She’s going to check and ask her grandfather about the ring to see if there’s any “olive connection”.) Anyhow, that night at dinner, she shows me a piece of the bread that they were serving, and what’s in the bread? OLIVES! I look at the condiments in the center of the table, and what’s directly in front of my seat? OLIVE OIL! Then, last night at dinner, at the buffet, there’s a sign above the salad fixings that says “THESE OLIVES HAVE PITS!” I gave her my e-mail address and she has promised to let me know if she finds out whether olives have any special significance.

So, I’m starting this blog to journal and share my experiences with the spirit world as I begin this new journey in life. Some may be funny, some may be serious, but I can guarantee it’ll definitely be an interesting ride!

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