What Are the Odds?

I went to the Tribute Center holiday party Wednesday night, and sat down at a table with my friend George (a firefighter/EMT from Long Island that I met at the Tribute ribbon-cutting ceremony) and his wife Valerie, who I met for the first time that night. Valerie and I were talking about my new job, and how I’d been getting used to going to work after two years off. I mentioned that I had tried to start up a life coaching practice, but that it wasn’t bringing in a steady enough income, and she said, but at least it gave you the opportunity to give it a try instead of wondering 20 years from now “what if?”.

I agreed, and told her about some of the neat things I was able to do during my severance period, like going hot air ballooning, and, for SOME reason, I mentioned the mediumship training with James Van Praagh. She looks at me and says “It’s funny that you should mention that. I’m going to see John Edward on Friday with a friend of mine.” So we ended up having this whole conversation about that, and the reading he did for another friend of hers previously. 

During our conversation, we were joined by another woman that neither of us had ever met. I said something like “we were just talking about Valerie, who’s going to see John Edward on Friday”. And she says, that’s funny, because she had been to see George Anderson, who passed on some very detailed info about a loved one of hers who had crossed over.

What are the chances, in a party of about 150-200 people, that three women with a similar connection to mediums and readings who never met before, would end up sitting at the same table right next to each other?

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