“Ask Ask a Spirit” – Week of June 9, 2008

I’ve received dozens of e-mails asking countless variations of “When am I going to die?” or “How am I going to die?” (most of them within the last 48 hours, and from the same IP address, no less).

For the record, I do not, and will not respond to spam messages or spam blog comments. I especially will not answer “When am I (or Aunt Sally, or Uncle Joe, insert name here) going to die?” or “How am I (or Aunt Sally, or Uncle Joe, blah blah blah) going to die?”. Nor will I answer questions like “Is he/she/it the one?”, “When is he/she/it going to call me?” or “Does he/she/it love me?” So save yourself a few keystrokes, and don’t even ask. And, if you’re under 18, that goes double.

However, I did receive one legitimate question this week.

Message-less writes:

Why has no one came through to me with a message? Is there anyone around me guiding me through everday life?

In answer to the first question, there could be at least two possible reasons for this. The first could be simply that you’re trying too hard to get a message. Often, when we try too hard to get a message, we block the very messages we want to receive. We’re so focused on our “need” for a message or sign, that our energy is not conducive to receiving them, and it’s harder for spirit to get through to us.

The other possible reason (and this is one I’ve seen a lot), is that we are so focused on what we think a message or sign should be, or what it should look or feel like, that we totally ignore dozens of signs that are happening all around us. For example, if I am totally focused on getting a red rose as a sign from someone, and the only “acceptable” sign for me is a real genuine red rose flower, then I am, in all likelihood, going to miss:

  • The box of Red Rose tea bags on the grocery store shelf
  • The red rose tattoo on the arm of the man across from me on the subway
  • The red roses on the blouse of the woman in front of me on the grocery line

One of the first real signs that I remember had to do with a peach rose. Without going into a whole long story, when I came back from lunch one day, there on my desk was a copy of TIME Magazine with a picture of Pete Rose on the cover. Fortunately, I realized that it was the sign I had asked for, although something had gotten slightly lost in translation. Had I been focused only on a peach rose, I’d probably still be looking for my sign!

As for the second part of the question, there are people all around you, trying to guide you, but you may not be seeing it for the guidance that it is. Pay particular attention to coincidences – they’re one way that Spirit helps connect us with the people and situations that we need at any given time.

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