Well, This Was Interesting!

I’ve never had this happen before!

I was on my way home from work, and I stopped in the local grocery store to pick up some vodka sauce to go with my pasta.  However, when I looked on the shelves, there was no vodka sauce to be seen. There was fire-roasted tomato and garlic, marinara, Newman’s Own “Sockarooni”, and a host of others, but no vodka sauce.

So, I picked up a jar of fire-roasted tomato and garlic to check and see how many Weight Watchers POINTS it was. As I was standing there, reading the nutritional information on the label, a jar of sauce fell off the shelf and landed at my feet. It was weird, because I wasn’t standing near it at the time. Fortunately, it didn’t break. So, I picked it up and was about to put it back on the shelf, when I saw it – the jar of Newman’s Own Vodka Sauce that had been behind the jar that fell off the shelf.

I’ve never had an object fall off a shelf like that before. I’ve never had help like that finding pasta sauce, either! It was pretty cool!

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