“Ask Ask a Spirit” – Week of June 30th

Adopted writes:

Thank you for reading this question. I was adopted as a baby and when I got older I found my birth family.I found out my father and grandmother died and I never met my grandmother even as a baby and only a few times my father as a baby. My question is since they have hardly any memories of me will they even think of me on the other side or can you be reunited in death with someone you never knew? Can I recieve messages from them?

Absolutely on all counts! Just because they were not able to be with you in this life, doesn’t mean they weren’t/aren’t spiritually connected to you in a very big way. It’s entirely possible that not only do they think of you on the other side, but that they’re watching over you constantly. Often, we have family members connected to us and watching over us that we’ve never met on this side because they died long before we were even a thought – great-grandparents, great-great-great uncles, etc. Just as they are spiritually connected to us, so too, are those loved ones that are separated from us due to various life circumstances, such as adoption.

Realize, too, that just because they may not have a lot of memories of time spent with you, doesn’t mean that the memories they did share were not special and important to them, or that they didn’t carry those memories with them throughout their lives. For example, I have a friend who passed quite a while ago. In the grand scheme of things, we didn’t spend a lot of time together on earth. If you added up all the days we spent together, it probably wouldn’t have even added up to six months, if that much. At the time of his death, we had been out of touch for close to five years. But now, twenty years later, I still have the memories of the time we shared, and I am constantly getting messages from him on a very regular basis.

Also, while they did not see you, they may have spent time wondering how things turned out for you, and/or wishing things could have been different between you. Sometimes, they watch over us in spirit to make up for the way they weren’t able to be there for us in life.

So it’s more than possible on all counts!

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