Some Random Thoughts on Death

A friend of mine died last weekend, after a long battle with cancer. The wake was on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and it was a very interesting experience. To say that she was around us all over the place would be an understatement.

The first “sign”, for lack of any better word, would be the way I got to the wake. My neighborhood is only about a mile and a half from one end to the other, and we have two funeral homes. One is located right down the block from my apartment, and the other is several blocks away. The wake was at the one that was further away. I left my house Monday afternoon, and as I got closer to the “wrong” funeral home, I noticed two women dressed in black who looked lost. Long story short, they were friends of my friend who ended up at the wrong funeral home. So, I ended up going with them in their car to the other funeral home. The odds of me running into these two women (and vice versa) at the exact right time was actually pretty slim.

Then, there was the wake itself. Interestingly, I wasn’t sad at all. I don’t know if all this medium stuff has given me a different outlook on death or what, but if anything, I felt very peaceful about it all. It’s hard to describe. It was almost like she and I both share a secret now that no one else does.

And yes, I could hear her. Geez, could I hear her! That woman is going to haunt me until I find myself a husband! She still cracks me up!

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