Oh, the Search Terms People Use to Find Me!

Every once in a while, I get curious, and look at the list of search terms that people use when they find this site. Some of them are rather funny…

  • holy metal batman
  • putting name in freezer
  • ask dead people
  • ask dead people for questions
  • songs about dead people (not sure how this fits in, but it’s kind of funny)
  • i see dead people in my mind
  • why do you see dead people
  • what do you call it when you see dead pe
  • psyic phenomenoen
  • i see spirit eyes
  • strange message in my digital clock
  • meditation good or bad
  • can i randomly ask for spirits

And numerous variations on the spelling of Archangel Michael

  • who is the angel micheal (which of course, makes me think of “Who is Keyser Soze?”)
  • micheal arch angel
  • micheal angel
  • angel-micheal
  • archangel nathaniel (now that’s a new one)

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