I Did My First Phone Reading!

As mentioned here, I’ve started doing live phone readings and Angel Card readings by e-mail through Keen.com.  I’m generally a lot more confident doing e-mail readings, because I can focus solely on the reading and whatever insights and messages I receive, instead of getting tripped up by self-doubt and feeling self-conscious. So, doing phone readings is a big leap of faith for me. 

Yesterday afternoon, I had my first call. It was brief, since the caller was limited to her free minutes, but I was much more confident than I thought I’d be. I was actually pleasantly surprised at what I was able to do in the limited time I had available, and I really felt like I was able to help her with the issue in question.

My guides were definitely there helping me out, because just as I would start feeling a bit stumped as to what to say next, something would come through, as if someone were there prompting me. So, I thank my guides tremendously for not allowing me to sound like some kind of babbling idiot.

2 thoughts on “I Did My First Phone Reading!

  1. That’s great!!! I can’t wait to be at the point where I can do phone readings. I’m not even at the point where I can do in-person readings yet. I’m still quite a beginner.

  2. Go, guides! I think one of the biggest challenges is learning to listen to our guides and trust them. Well, maybe even before that point, asking them for help is a big one, too. Hope you continue progressing in this direction.

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