If You Haven’t Already Discovered It…

Hay House Radio has several online radio programs dedicated to mediumship, working with your guides, and other topics of interest to those of us interested in connecting with Spirit. You can listen to them online, download them to your computer, or subscribe to podcasts that you can listen to on your iPod (which is what I do).

The programs I regularly listen to, in no particular order, are:

Others that look interesting that I either haven’t listened to yet, or haven’t listened to regularly are:

A full schedule of Hay House Radio programs can be found here.

1 thought on “If You Haven’t Already Discovered It…

  1. Askaspirit,

    Followed your example and last week started doing distance Reiki healings. My first client was a woman in Kansas who had never heard of Reiki. Talk about a confidence boost: she’s having her third session this coming Friday! The hardest thing is telling someone else what you know about them; they can misinterpret it, take it too personally, whatever. Finally, my guides made it clear that, whatever the other person’s reaction, it’s not about me, it’s about them. I just have to be open to doing healing work when I’m asked and leave the details to work themselves out.

    Next step is doing a “live” one of these, and work on my husband or my dog doesn’t count here!

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