Coming Out of the Closet as a Medium

When I checked my e-mail last night after work, I found an invitation to join a professional networking site, sent to me by a former co-worker. I signed up, and was in the process of adding information to my profile, when I made a big decision. I decided to include a link to this site, and include the words “ and ” in my profile info.

At first, I was waffling about including them, since there are several people on the site who I either worked with, or worked for, who might think I’ve gone off the deep end entirely. Then I thought, no, this is what I do, and this is part of who I am. I have a . I talk to . They talk back. Somehow, I just know things. I’m multi-talented – what can I say?

Granted, it’s not a skill I’d be likely to include on a job application, but it’s not something I need to hide, either. Will some people, upon discovering my secret life as a medium, act like I’ve suddenly sprouted three heads, each wearing its own aluminum foil hat? Possibly. It’s equally possible that some will find the subject fascinating. At this point in my life, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Is it scary? Absolutely! Then again, so was getting up on “stage” with James Van Praagh and doing my first audience reading. But doing it was also one of the most incredibly validating experiences as far as my gift is concerned. Besides, most of my friends already know I’m a weirdo, anyway! One more little “idiosyncracy” isn’t going to hurt.

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2 thoughts on “Coming Out of the Closet as a Medium

  1. I am sitting here with a huge smile on my face. Just as I was of myself when I “came out”, I am proud of you — not wanting this comment to sound condescending in any way, shape or form.

  2. I will admit to lurking on and off… I think I found you through BlogMad and well, I do have a psychic I have consulted with on and off in Texas but as is, broke for now! *sigh* Maybe when I have some cash pouring in
    I will contact you for a reading 🙂 … do you do those?

    I am fascinated by your experiences and have had some supernatural ones of my own when a teen and all I can say is I was very lucky nothing serious happened to me because the spirits I was attracting were not very high and I was just a kid playing around… which is why I respect those of you who have a handle on it so much more!

    But I do believe and I applaud you for coming “out of the closet” FO SHO!

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