Wow, It’s Been a Busy Month!!!

I’ve been pretty busy with lots of good stuff going on, but… I wanted to respond to a question topic/theme that keeps coming up in the “Ask Ask a Spirit” questions.

The question is, more or less, “How do I communicate with my loved one who has crossed over?” There have been some variations – “How do I receive messages from my loved one?” “How come I’m not hearing from my loved one?”, etc. However, they all revolve around the theme of communicating with those on “the other side”.

As far as how one communicates with those who have crossed over, the answer is surprisingly simple – talk to them. You can talk to them in your head. You don’t have to do it out loud (unless of course, you want people to avoid you on the subway). Similar to “If you build it, they will come”, if you think it, they will hear. Talking to them also lets them know they’re not forgotten. You can also, should you desire, set aside a quiet time and place, put on some peaceful music and meditate. (Not my particular strong point, but that’s another story.)

They communicate with us all the time. Some folks take a while to learn how, but eventually, they will. Chances are that if they were a good communicator in life, they’ll be a pretty good communicator in the afterlife. Translation: Motormouth in life usually = motormouth on the other side. (Trust me, I have several!) I’ve posted an earlier entry a while back on the various ways The Peanut Gallery communicates with me, which may help.

The trick is that we need to be open to receiving and recognizing the signs they send us. Sometimes, we can be totally clueless and dense when it comes to recognizing signs, and wouldn’t recognize one if it jumped up and bit us in the butt! If your mother always wore lily-of-the-valley perfume, and you’re all of a sudden smelling lily-of-the-valley, HELLO!!! – that’s a sign that she’s watching over you!

Of course, sometimes, they’re really obvious about it, like the other day. I turned on my TV to watch something on the SciFi Channel, of all channels. Lo and behold, there was a member of The Peanut Gallery looking right back at me! That one was kind of freaky. Nice, but a little freaky, nonetheless.

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