“Ask Ask a Spirit” Is Being Discontinued

My “Ask Ask a Spirit” feature is being discontinued, and not because I don’t have the time to devote to it, interestingly enough.

The reason it’s being kicked to the curb is because, with a very small handful of exceptions, I was not getting the types of questions the feature was meant to answer. Instead, I was getting questions like:

“Becky—-how are you? Are you alone?”
“are you gay”
“Will i marry the person i love?”
“Is Mélanie Éthier buried 3 feet underground at Pete’s Dam?”
“what school do i go to”
“do you know eric m and vikki r”
“is my house hauted” (I don’t know about hauted, but it might be haunted.)
“Will my crush also have a crush on me?”
“will i marry brad f and will he b a faithfull husband”
“are you bloody”

and my favorite:
“is there any chance you could tell me if i have ghots in my house and if yes are they good or bad ones?” (Got ghots???)

What I will do instead is try to remember to run a monthly contest for a free Archangel or Ask Your Guides Oracle Card e-mail reading.

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