The 2008 “Being Fearless” Conference

Wow, what a weekend! I volunteered once again for the Omega Institute’s annual “Being Fearless” conference, held in New York City.

There was a lot going on! I’ll write more about everything over the weekend, when I have more time, but the highlights were:

  • Being assigned as a production volunteer for James Van Praagh’s all-day intensive workshop, and running from one end of a large ballroom to another with the microphone all day. (I ended up putting 3 miles on my pedometer as a result.)
  • Meeting Schindler’s List Holocaust Survivor Zev Kedem, and having the opportunity to hear him speak on Sunday morning.
  • Seeing a bunch of wonderful people that I hadn’t seen in two years.

I also ended up doing a fair amount of walking all over Manhattan’s West Side. Oddly enough, I didn’t lose any weight this week at my Weight Watchers’ weigh-in.

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